Today, a vast population deals with mental health problems in their lives. Various problems like anxiety, depression, PSTD, self-harm are common in teenagers and young adults. However, adults are at less risk as compared to others. Teenagers have to go through issues like stress related to their exams and results which increase over time and take the shape of depression leading to serious mental issues. To overcome these issues, technology have lead to the introduction of apps to help you with anxiety. Some of these apps are discussed below:



IBreathe is a user-friendly app that knows exactly how to deal with people suffering from panic attacks. It consists of guidelines for proper meditation that helps release stress and anxiety. 



Insomnia is a severe issue that can lead to mental health deterioration. Tide helps people suffering from insomnia. Sometimes, people can’t focus on audio prompts. For such people, Tide may be the best option because it provides visual prompts for meditation. Another feature that makes it important is that it is totally free for iOs and Android devices. Also, you can add on Google Chrome Extension to save your lives from becoming mentally sick.


Pride Counselling

This app works best for people that are often treated with discrimination. A marginalized community such as LGBTQ+ has to go through the harsh and cruel behavior of society. This can lead to serious mental issues. These mental health issues may sometimes have drastic effects on physical well-being. The pride Counseling app is an excellent option for dealing with such issues. It provides counseling and therapies with professionals. Different webinars ate organized to help these people. Also, you can choose the package of your choice on a weekly, monthly and annual subscription basis.



The best app to help with sleeping problems is Breethe. It provides complete guidelines for meditation.

Services provided by Breethe

This app provides features for kids, teens, and adults. It includes features like a playlist, reading, stories, master classes, and a 12-week program. For daily activities, it provides a feature of reminders. Your devices can also be synced with it.

For extra features, this platform provides various subscription fees. The monthly membership can be charged $12.95. An annual fee is $89.95 and you are entitled to one pay $49.95 for a lifelong order.

It is highly recommended for people with anxiety or panic to download the Breethe app. In a few minutes, the app promises performance and the 4.7-star rating is the same. The app has led over 1500 stories for therapy, helping people relax, conquer fear, and combat panic. The events include sleeping views and quiet background noises. The app has a gentle alarm clock amongst other features to start your day peacefully.

Anxiety Apps Working Phenomena

Anxiety mobile applications work by turning the head around to lower levels of anxiety. A different way is to minimize anxiety levels in all anxiety applications. Some provide soothing background sounds for meditation activities to entertain the mind. Some provide training on anxiety and means of combating it. You will find some applications waiting for you if you want to combat fear or use a generic app to learn about mental illness problems.


Anxiety Apps Subscription Fee

Many anxiety applications are free to support people with mental health issues regardless of their sole purpose. Any applications provide cost-effective therapeutic treatments. The cost of anxiety applications annually is an average of $70.


Anxiety app ratings

Apart from their assessments, feedback, surveys, and costs, the apps listed here are evaluated. All of the applications listed are inexpensive, easy to use, and deliver a range of features to help with anxiety. Anxious people and other issues should try these applications and get expert support.

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