Hair loss and baldness is a major problem for man. The most widely growing and popular treatment for hair loss is hair transplant and the FUE (follicular unit extraction) and P Thrapy (platelet rich plasma) are the most effective procedure for hair transplant. P Thrapy treatment is combined with FUE procedure to enhance the results of the hair growth. P Thrapy is being extensively used with FUE in today’s world of hair restorative surgeries.


Understanding the FUE procedure is important for P Thrapy to work effectively after the FUE is done. FUE  is a simple procedure and it takes less time. FUE is a technique for removing follicular units from an area of the scalp to the bald site, but in a non-invasive way and with more accuracy and precision. The method is to make an incision in the skin and the follicular units, and separates it from the surrounding tissue, the follicular units is then pulled directly from the scalp and transplanted to the bald site. This process has quick recovery time with less pain. The patients get natural looking hair for the lifetime. You will be able to get permanent hair with this treatment and they will have longer and lasting results.

WHAT IS P Thrapy?

P Thrapy is used for the excellent results after FUE is done. It enhances the FUE outcome. P Thrapy is an injectible hair loss solution. In the P Thrapy treatment, the patient’s own blood is taken at the time of transplant procedure, the blood is then treated in a centrifugation machine which separates the red blood cells and a fluid- like plasma component, which contains white blood cells and platelets that are rich in growth and healing factors and injecting the sample back into the patient. Platelet enriched plasma help to promote the hair growth and the transplanted hair follicles activity.

The results of this therapy are very promising. This treatment helps to regain the confidence of the person that was lost because of hair loss. P Thrapy used alone didn’t give effective results but when the physician’s experimented they concluded that the P Thrapy solution may not be a fully effective treatment for hair loss, but when combined with hair transplant surgery it gave excellent results. P Thrapy results in thicker, fuller hair and speed up the healing process after a hair transplant. It enhances the process of FUE hair transplant and helps to multiply the growth of hair.


The main benefits of this treatment is permanence and natural looking results. The natural looking results complement the natural hair growth of the patient’s hairline and facial features, giving a pleasing effect overall of the face as  aesthetic and younger looks is of great significance  for every person. The procedure doesn’t take much time and is simple and the results achieved after as resembling to a natural look of a person’s head.

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