Why EHT?

Why Elegance Hair Transplant Clinic?

Setting up a hair transplant clinic in a developing country like Pakistan is a bit exigent as lack of resources  and qualified personals  are the major drawbacks such countries are facing .But is a fact that inspire of such lacking and limited resources Pakistan is delivering optimum services in health care and reconstructive surgery .The Reason behind this are those extra ordinary professionals who are really committed to their profession and selflessly working to serve their nation with competency .



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Karachi is the core destination where  unlimited hair transplant clinics are set up and it would be very difficult to sort out which clinic is the best .The hooligans are dominating the society offering fake services and money laundering from innocents clients .If you really delve for an authentic clinic ,you have to look for the surgeon with valid qualification. According to such considerations Elegance Plastic Surgery clinic could be titled as one of the best hair transplant clinic in Karachi where you can have your stress free transplant in the most affordable prices.

  1. Elegance plastic surgery clinic is not just a clinic; it’s a premise where you can find competent cosmetology practices with matchless skills.
  2. This Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic believes in moral value and the core of conduct emphasizes on treating the patients with care and kindness.
  3. The training ,degree and/ or credentials of the practicing surgeons or physicians is not less than any foreign qualified surgeon as the hair transplants are personally performed by Dr.Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan ,a pioneer in hair transplant surgery .He is the director and chief surgeon at the Elegance Plastic Surgery clinic and possess every degree in medicine and plastic surgery field necessary to become an authentic surgeon .Not only he has earned his degree from Pakistan ,he has achieved his masters degree from USA. To authenticate the soundness of surgeon Faisal you should be informed that he is offering his services as an Assistant professor in the plastic and reconstructive surgery department at the Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi.
  4. Another reason to choose elegance clinic for your hair transplant clinic is the most genuine price package for the hair transplant .That does not mean that Elegance clinic is offering their service in too low prices; however they are delivering the quality services in the best prices.
  5. With the emerging technology, hair transplant services have broaden their range and along with hair transplant, beard and mustache transplant, eyelashes and eye brow transplants are also practiced with complete satisfaction and expert skills. These all services are rendered by Elegance clinic with the most modern equipment’s and assured quality.
  6. Different genre of hair transplant like FUT, FUE, PRP and even transplants for women scalp and burn hair transplant are carried out with the latest trend.
  7. Elegance plastic surgery clinic believe in ethics and behavior, not only the surgeon but the associated staff serve you with great affection and kindness and are ready to solve your glitches as much as possible.
  8. Elegance plastic surgery clinic believe in constant learning and for this they are always ready to have training’s and workshops in hair transplant subject. The professors and international consultants visit the clinic every now and then to ensure that the best quality services are being conducted.

Once you are ready for your hair transplant try www.eleganceplasticsurgery.com to have a clear idea of their services.