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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

There are many benefits of scratching innovative trends in hair growth and now one more novel approach is highlighting in the news, the effective PRP techniques for hair restoration or hair growth.PRP for hair fall treatment is a unique perception as it does not link anything with hair, rather it target your blood to make a dense growth on your scalp. Let’s understand what PRP is actually.


PRP for Hair fall

When your blood plasma is enriched with platelets ,it is called PRP or platelet rich plasma .The significance of PRP is that it contains and substantially releases a number of growth factors which could be helpful to treat many conditions, one of which is hair loss therefore PRP technique is a fresh breeze in hair transplant region as incorporating PRP for hair fall gives absolutely positive outcome.PRP was introduced in the 1970s and first application was done in Italy in 1987 in an open heart surgery.

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PRP Treatment



The PRP treatment has not been restricted to treat hair fall only ,however the basic remedy was applied to injuries in sports as PRP growth factors are known to heal the injured sportsman speedily .PRP Treatment for hair restoration is a therapeutic choice for both  male and female patients with hair loss. This non-surgical PRP treatment stimulates the hair growth on the patient’s scalp and this treatment could be combined with surgical hair transplant or micro needle therapy.

In PRP treatment blood is drawn from the patient’s body and is centrifuged with special techniques to make it platelet rich .This platelet or growth factor rich blood is injected in the scalp which is responsible to enhance the natural hair growth in future .The head is just washed and the patient is allowed to go home.

PRP transplant or PRP therapy in Pakistan

This PRP therapy is practicing well in Pakistan as qualified personnel’s are involved in this PRP transplant .The PRP hair loss therapy session is not very long it usually takes about an hour.

The PRP therapy is called PRP hair transplantation because it transplants hair through plasma growth factors; it is a long procedure which could start showing its result after three to four months of therapy therefore sometime your doctor suggests other hair transplant surgery along with this PRP therapy. It might happen that the patient need more than one session of the PRP treatment.

PRP injections:

The qualified and skilled surgeon or physician can prepare the optimum PRP injection mixture for you .Four injections are usually given and the most common side effect to be noted after the insertion of PRP injection is general flushing or flare which could be a result of some reaction .Your expert surgeon can smoothly deal with such side effects

If you are in Karachi and ready to have your PRP for hair fall, you can blindly trust on Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic because assistant Professor in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at, Dow University of Health Sciences, Civil Hospital, Karachi Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan M.B.B.S, M.C.P.S (SURGERY), F.C.P.S (PLASTIC SURGERY), F.I.C.S (USA) is the Director and Chief Surgeon at Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic. He is the most competent name for your PRP hair fall treatment in Karachi as he is one of the expert hair transplant surgeon in Karachi with all knowledge of PHP therapy.

Procedure time: 30 Minutes
Anaesthetic: Local
Hospital stay: 30 Minutes
Sensitivity period: 24 hrs
Back to work:  Same day
Full recovery: Same day
Duration of results: Permanent
Risks & Complications: Flushing, minor allergic reaction.

No incision and stitches and quick recovery
The procedure is minimally invasive in nature.
Follicles can be extracted from body as well
Follicle unit extraction is useful for 4000-5000 number of grafts
FUE is good for tight scalp or previous surgery scar on donor area