Mustache Hair Transplant

Mustache Transplant in Karachi

Mustache Hair Transplant in Karachi

Mustaches are the perfect symbol of masculinity and grace. Around the world gentlemen exhibit their manliness and elegance through trimmed mustaches. There are many types of mustaches and every style has its own uniqueness and fans .Celebrities love to keep mustaches and many keep them as their signature style. Moreover, those males who are experiencing some kind of alopecia and/ or having hormonal issues which restrict their mustaches to grow are now happy as mustache hair transplant makes it possible to boast your genuine masculine look.

Types of Mustaches:

Whether it is Chevron, Dali, pencil, English, French or Fu Manchu, every mustache needs uniform growth of hair between a male nose and lips and if this growth is limited due to some reason, your look will greatly affected. To overcome such problems, mustache hair transplant clinics are delivering their services to grow a uniform series of hair above the mail lips.

Mustache transplants:

Facial hair transplants or mustache transplants were usually carried out as a skin graft or for other trauma surgeries, but now the trend has altered and cosmetic surgery stood forward to grow your masculinity via mustache hair treatment. Art and media icons are popular for their type of mustaches and to make a replica everybody is willing to pay thousands of dollars on mustache hair transplant.

Dr. Alfonso Barrera, a cosmetologist from Houston reported that “The past couple of years we’ve had patients calling in to fill in the gaps,” said. “They want uniformity of the growth.”

The before and after images of mustache hair treatment clients have shown that they  successfully disguised their  scars by filling  in patches and have attractive face through mustache hair transplant.

Mustache transplants in Karachi:

Along with other facial hair transplant our expert surgeons from Karachi are undergoing successful surgeries in mustache transplants in Karachi. The hair is taken from the scalp.  Competent surgeons find out the thick hair which resembles the mustache hair .These type of hair grow individually therefore after taking strip or group of follicle through FUT or FUE techniques. Individual hair is then secluded and then fine incisions are made into the recipient area to have a flourishing mustache hair transplant in Karachi.

The qualified mustache hair transplant surgeon inserts the hair correctly with clean procedures, and the grafts, are carefully placed. This will minimize the chance of scar and good surgeons doing your mustache hair treatment in Karachi will make the mustache hair transplant so natural that nobody can distinguish the change.

As this is a facial issue and everybody is very vigilant to select the right surgeon to have mustache hair treatment in Karachi .In this urban destination you can delightfully rely on Dr.Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan ,the director and chief of Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic .You can visit the site www to read the full profile experiences and reviews about this competent surgeon for your mustache hair transplant in Karachi in the most reasonable rates .The Assistant professor from Dow University of Health Sciences needs no further evidence of professionalism to undergo a precise and comprehensive mustache hair transplant in your own city .