Female Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair Transplant for Female

Hair is the back-bone of one’s overall look. It plays a very vital role in one’s life. A lot of females claim to have hair loss these days. Hair loss occurs due to various different reasons. Since hair restoration method is considered good option for 90% of men, female also consider it to a good solution to their hair loss problem.

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique which involves the movement of expectations hair from one part of your head to another. The part from where the hair follicles are collected to cover the balding area of your head is called as the “Donor site” and the part where the hair is placed is known as the “Recipient site”.

Female hair transplant

Procedure of hair transplant

At the initial stage, the surgeon analyzes the patient’s scalp, discusses their expectations and preferences and advises them the best solution possible.

Pre-operative folliscopy would help to know the actual existing density of hair, so that the postoperative outcomes of newly transplanted hair grafts can be correctly assessed.

Types of Surgery
-Eyebrow Alopecia
-Androgenetic Alopecia
-Frontal Hair line Lowering or Reconstruction

Harvesting Method
In this method the transplant operations are performed on an outpatient basis, with mild sedation and injected local anesthesia.

This typically lasts about six hours. The surgeon shampoos the scalp of female patient and treats with an antibacterial agent prior to the “Donor scalp” being harvested.
The harvesting methods have many variations each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

Strip Harvesting
This is the most common technique used by surgeons to treat hair loss. In this process the surgeon harvests, a strip of skin from the posterior scalp, in an area of good hair growth.
A single, double or triple bladed scalpel is used to eliminate strips of hair-bearing tissue from the donor site.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
With follicular Unit extraction, the follicular units containing one to four hairs are removed under local anesthesia. This micro removal generally uses small punches of between 0.6mm and 1.0mm in diameter.

After this, the surgeon uses very small micro blades or fine needles to punctuate the sites in order to receive the grafts.

The Follicular Unit Extraction method is considered to be more time consuming than Strip surgery.
The procedure can last for a couple of hours as well as 2 days, depending on the case of the patient.

Follicular Unit Extraction can provide very Natural results.

Costs of treatment

The cost or price of hair transplant will depend largely on the number of hair you’re moving.

More hair means more amount of work for the surgeon. It generally ranges from $4,000 to $15,000.
Any kind of hair transplant comes with risks including infection and bleeding. The girl who has undergone a surgery can also experience scarring and in natural looking new hair.

To eliminate the chances of risk and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of surgery the patient must meet the surgeon first and talk on this subject and the best possible option for them.