Hair Transplant for Burn

Hair Transplant for Burn Victims

A Ray of Hope for Hair transplant in Burn Patients

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The real challenge in a hair transplant for burn patient is that, it is not possible to replicate the human hair follicle as they are very difficult to process synthetically, but a new research has shown that these hair follicles can be stimulated to cultivate in skin tissue which can then produce hair shafts.

New Approaches in hair transplant for burn patients.

This method slightly deviate the norms as in this method instead of transplanting the hair follicles from donor to recipient site, a patients skin tissue is targeted to produce uncounted follicles aiding in the hair transplant for burn procedures. It is milestone advancement according to the scientists and can bring revolutionary benefits to the people with constant hair loss especially for the burn victims who lost their hope of restoring their beautiful hair”

The Intellectual’s outlook!

“This approach has the potential to transform the medical treatment of hair loss,” these are the words from Professor Angela Christian of Columbia University New York, Professor Angela is  one of the escort authors of the relevant research journal the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Novel Logic in hair transplant for burn victims:

The study reveals that Current hair-loss though stimulate the growth of existing hairs, and effectively slows down the hair fall but they are unable to develop new hair follicles. Moreover, usual hair transplants just repositioned hairs strands from the back and side of the scalp to the center.

Growing new follicles, by using a patient’s own cells could greatly inflate the usefulness of hair-restoration surgery to burn victims of high degree.

It is a fact that conventional hair transplants are many times become nearly impossible in burn cases because hair does not develop from the scar tissue .It is therefore a new wave of hope which can generate unlimited new hair follicles, from a handful of donor hairs. Burn people with limited number of follicles, can survive with their natural hair growth through this new technique.

The theory is based on the induction of specific dermal papillae to deliver hair follicles in experimental  rats but the same process has taken a time of forty years to step toward success because Human dermal papilla have to be re-programmed into follicle generating  dermal papillae .

In the reported study Seven volunteers donated skin cells for the research and among them  five receive the type of hair follicles that re-grow human hair on the laboratory .this hair growth lasted for almost six weeks

To get the right color and texture of transplanted hair further research is in continuity. Through such type of research it seems that we now can have fresh skin that contains hair follicles for hair transplant in burn patients.

Hair transplant for burn patients in Pakistan

Such type of researches are being carried out in developed western countries but In Pakistan also several qualified surgeons are approaching such fresh methodologies to apply in their practice .One fine example is the Elegant Plastic Surgery Clinic Karachi where the director and chief surgeon Dr.Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan, is conducting research based hair transplant surgeries on burn patients and have successfully completed numerous hair transplant for burn patients.