Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) Hair Transplant Treatment

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) Hair Transplant Treatment

If you want to gain access to the latest hair transplant technology to groom your personality, you might have researched unlimited hair transplant sites to gain as much info about the transplantation as you could absorb. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a procedure where hair is transplanted to the hairless region of the scalp from the zones of scalp with permanent hair growth. Fortunately, this technology is rendering optimum services in Pakistan and Specially FUT in Karachi has reached its height through thousands of surgeries conducted on daily basis.


FUT Practice in Karachi

Though in this metropolitan city it’s very easy to locate any FUT service but to dig out which FUT in Karachi is the best among all demands some senseibility.Lets comprehend what is FUT and how FUT in Karachi is practiced.

Naturally-occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs, commonly termed as  follicular units are removed as a strip of tissue from scalp’s growing area termed as the donor area ., the donor strip is then cut into many individual follicular units to prepare the grafts .These grafts are inserted at the recipient’s site which are actually tiny holes in the bald scalp. The strip or graft transplant is a comprehensive surgical procedure which is done by qualified surgeons’ expert in the relative subject

Choosing the right strip graft transplant surgeon

If you are prepared for this graft transplant you have to look for the best surgeon. You can look for the suitable surgeon to have your FUT in Karachi by following these simple tips.

The Qualified Graft Transplant Physician

  1. To have your strip hair transplant in Karachi you should contact an authorized physician so don’t get fooled by devious sale’s men or other non professional thugs, choose the place where you can directly interact with your graft transplant surgeon

The right Strip Hair Transplant analysis

  1. A good surgeon will initially examine your scalp to check for the density of growth and laxity, the one who promptly take you for the procedure is not a good professional to choose.

Paying the right Strip Graft Transplant Price

  1. FUT in Karachi is blamed for the scam as a diverse range of strip graft price is displayed on the promotion, for this, you have to be very vigilant and research about an average amount, the procedure might cost. Don’t get fooled by those high strip graft price and vice versa don’t opt for a very low fee for strip hair transplant in Karachi which might not coincide with the quality procedure.

Clean premises for FUT in Karachi Surgery

  1. Make sure that your preferred surgeon takes your full medical history and is ready to answer any query which you have before having your FUT in Karachi. He should tell you about your future concerns about your strip graft transplant and this strip hair transplant in Karachi should be conducted in a hygienic infrastructure

Dr Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan a valued name to carry out FUT in Karachi as this highly qualified surgeon is all equipped with the necessary and additional degrees in plastic surgery. Serving as the Assistant Professor in the department of plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi, Dr.Faisal has conducted complex surgeries in the area of liposuction and hair transplant .Dr.Faisal is undoubtedly recommended for performing your FUT in Karachi because he possesses all the above mentioned qualities to perform the strip hair transplant. At his clinic you do not have to bother about high strip graft price, as he will suggest you the most affordable package for your strip graft transplant.

Procedure time: 1.5 – 5+ hours depends on number of grafts
Anaesthetic: Local
Hospital stay: 2-6 hrs
Sensitivity period: 2 days
Back to work: 3 days
Full recovery: 15 days
Duration of results: Permanent
Risks & Complications: Bearable pain, temporary tightness, infection, pustules and reversible numbness

No incision and stitches and quick recovery
The procedure is minimally invasive in nature.
Follicles can be extracted from body as well
Follicle unit extraction is useful for 4000-5000 number of grafts
FUE is good for tight scalp or previous surgery scar on donor area