Follicular unit extraction (FUE) - Hair Transplant

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair loss is no more a big concern this age as hair transplant technology is on the boom to serve those bald personalities .With the growth of technology ,there are many emerging techniques in the area of hair transplantation which differ in the procedure and logic but the consequence is the same that is covering your bald scalp with rowing hairs .FUE is a slightly novel term as previously FUT is more dominating in hair transplantation .To carry out your FUE in Karachi you should be aware of the difference between these two techniques.


WHY FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE in Karachi

In FUE, rather than taking a strip individual hair follicles are extracted via an instrument and implanted again in the scalp or recipient area and then the hair is allowed to grow naturally. This type of graft transplant seems more comforting therefore patients prefer to undergo FUE in Karachi over FUT.

The Strip Graft versus FUE in Karachi price

Considering the factor of price it has been observed that surgeons usually demand Rs.60 per graft price for the general FUE in Karachi charges. The FUE graft transplant requires more time usually double than a strip graft transplant .

More Scars in Strip Graft Transplant

The most desirable reason to prefer FUE over strip graft transplant is the minimization of scars in FUE procedure .If you are undergoing FUE in Karachi with a qualified surgeon you will probably have no scar after the surgery is done .If you are having your FUE in Karachi you will recover much sooner as compared to the strip graft transplant.

Who to select for FUE in Karachi Surgery?

FUE in Karachi is performed by highly skilled and competitive surgeons, mostly who are skilled in both FUE and strip graft transplant techniques. A good surgeon who is performing your FUE in Karachi will tell you the difference in procedures and the amount your graft transplant implies .He will tell you why strip graft price differs from FUE transplant fee.

The Extraction Graft Transplant Reviews

The major issues which have questioned whether to perform FUE in Karachi or not, is the hair loss issue .Reviews have been posted against the FUE procedure that patients lose their hair after a post operative span. This is a serious matter to debate ,but the experts have claimed that the hair loss occur either because of stress or the portion from where the graft transplant  is extracted might be previously prone to the loss .A  good surgeon can explain the reason and will do effective treatment to save you from hair loss menace.

If you want to undergo your FUE in Karachi and are looking for some reliable name you can contact Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan ,the Assistant Professor from the department of plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi ,is working as the chief surgeon at Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic. He is an expert surgeon in liposuction and hair transplant and possess all required degrees in plastic surgery.

Dr.Faisal is the best name to have your FUE in Karachi because he can advice you how much extraction is needed for your scalp and why instead of strip graft hair transplant you are chosen for the extraction graft transplant .

Procedure time: 1.5 – 5+ hours
Anaesthetic: Local
Hospital stay: 2-6 hrs
Sensitivity period: 2 days
Back to work: 3 days
Full recovery: 15 days
Duration of results: Permanent
Risks & Complications: Bearable pain, temporary tightness, infection, pustules and reversible numbness

No incision and stitches and quick recovery
The procedure is minimally invasive in nature.
Follicles can be extracted from body as well
Follicle unit extraction is useful for 4000-5000 number of grafts
FUE is good for tight scalp or previous surgery scar on donor area