Eyelid Transplant

Eyelid Hair Transplant in Karachi

Understanding the Eyelid Hair Transplant

Every woman craves for long, thick and dense eyelashes or eyelid hairs as these are the real mark of feminine beauty since when the history began. The fragile nature of eyelid hairs has made them vulnerable to shed early mainly due to some inherited factors, illness or injuries .This result in eye lid hair baldness which can be restored through eyelid hair transplant

Eye lid hair treatment:

Eye lid hair treatment involves application of some drugs topically or orally and they are seem effective in some cases but if you want a permanent eyelid hair treatment then you have to choose the eyelid surgery.

An Overview of Eyelid Hair Transplant:

  • The main purpose of eye lashes is to protect your eyes from dust and debris
  • The symmetrical dense growth is a symbol of beauty for the eyes and the face.
  • Eyelid hair transplant procedures are done as a cosmetic surgery to enhance the beauty of your eyes; however it could be done after some trauma or injury to your eye lid or lashes.
  • Two types of patients benefit from eyelid hair treatment, those suffering from a condition called trichotillomania, and those who need optimum growth of eye lid hairs for their cosmetic enhancements.
  • The eye lid surgery procedure is a simple one day surgery where thousands of follicles are inserted into the eye lids which are actually taken from the donor scalp areas. This innovative process is technically termed as “sewing insertion” technique.innovative process is technically termed as “sewing insertion” technique.
  • This eyelid hair transplant or eyelid hair treatment provides complete healing ,once the procedure is done ,initially the transplanted eyelid hairs shed off but soon (within six weeks )new eyelashes will grow automatically to take their place .
  • These eye lashes are permanent and will grow a bit long so you have to trim the lashes implanted through eyelid hair surgery in regular period


Once the eye lid hair transplant is done then the patient generally get some swelling around the eyelid for the first 3 to 4 day due to minute scabs around each transplanted hair, causing redness around the area. After the fifth day the flare gets diminished and patients will completely recover in a week time.Dissolving stitches are applied to minimize any blemish.

About Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan:
Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan is a full-time hair transplant surgeon who has treated uncounted number of patients and performed several surgeries a day in the region of hair transplant with renowned practitioners in Karachi .he is also a trusted name in eyelid hair treatment and Eyelid surgery.

Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan received his. Post graduation degree from USA and is now serving as an assistant professor at Dow University of health sciences at the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is the director and chief surgeon at Elegance Plastic Surgery clinic Karachi and is an active participant and lecturer at nearly all conferences and workshops held in the area of plastic surgery.