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Eyebrow Transplant in Karachi


The BROW-GROW Hair Transplant

Yesterday, I got amazed by reading a blog about eyebrow transplant, how could those fine hairs are transplanted at your facial sites with no blemishes? Yes! this is a fact, with  continuous advancements in scalp hair transplant surgeries many other types of hair transplant emerges as supplements .Not only those brow lines are transplanted but also the eyelids are targeted for the eyelash invasions.

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Global Eyebrow Transplant:

To my knowledge, western world is enjoying this transplant opportunity since a decade but what a luck I got when I come to know about these innovative surgeries in Pakistan and as I am a Karachide, so I just research for any eyebrow surgery in Karachi and amazingly I got a list of surgeons successfully performing these eyebrow transplant in Karachi.

Best Eyebrow Surgery Karachi

After a consolidated survey I found that Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic Karachi is offering the best service in eyebrow surgery Karachi, with one of the most qualified surgeon Dr.Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan who has all those degrees in the plastic surgery and Hair transplant subjects not only from Pakistan but also from USA.

What I have read in the blog describes that if you are not having enough growth at your eyebrow site, you can comfortably choose eyebrow hair transplant option .The most crucial thing is to find out the best steno for your eyebrow transplant procedure as it is an issue of facial beauty. The surgeon should be well qualified and certified to deal with your eyebrow surgery .Dr. Faisal would be the best option if you are having your eyebrow surgery in Karachi therefore knocks at the door of Elegant Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Eyebrow transplant facts:

To step forward in your eyebrow hair transplant, it is better to take advice from any make up specialist or from the prospective surgeon that which shape of eyebrow will suit you the best

In USA an average eyebrow hair transplants procedure cost around $7500, Eye brow surgery in Karachi demands a good amount therefore ask your doctor about the worth of this cost.
The synopsis of the procedure states that in eyebrow transplant surgery hairs taken from donor site that is the back of your scalp and then implanted in the eyebrow area in the desired shape. The transplanted hairs will like the original and need regular trimming

It is a 3-4 hours long procedure where 250 grafts are implanted on a single set of female eyebrows, and about 500 grafts are implanted in a single set of male eyebrows. Through this eyebrow transplant you can have a new eyebrow, widen an existing eyebrow, or give extra volume to the slim eyebrow. The whole procedure demands a single session. The side effects or scars are healed in a small span of time.

Why to choose Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan?

If you are really conscious about your eyebrow hair growth and all prepared for an eyebrow hair transplant, you can call at elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic Karachi to set an appointment with Dr, Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan .Dr.Faisal is a trusted name for your eyebrow surgery in Karachi with all those relevant hi-fi degrees and currently he is the assistant professor at Dow University of health sciences the most trusted name in health care .For more details and evidences you can log on to https://www.eleganceplasticsurgery.com  for his complete profile with experience.