The masculine trend: Beard Hair Transplants

Forecasting fashion trends is quite hard as the unpredictable alterations take place and one could not comprehend which trend will last for long and which trend will lose its popularity soon. Globally, the trend of keeping the beard has reached its height in 2013, and critics are predicting that the popularity will decrease with the time but to a surprise beards are now just as popular as few years before, and trendy young males are keeping neat beards to display the muscularity. Surprisingly, Beard Hair Transplant is also gaining the same level of popularity as of hair transplant.

Globally if you want a Beard Hair Transplant, you need a lot of money. Usual techniques range from $4,000 to $12, 000, and robotic transplants, can cost up to $17,000, for their precision.

A Beard Hair Transplant is similar to a scalp hair transplant where donor hair on the back or sides of scalp are extracted and inserted at the beard or recipient site. The hair which closely matches your facial hair are chosen, and then carefully transplanted around the chin

In Beard Hair Transplant smaller notches are made as compared to a scalp transplant. If you are bald, then, your surgeon will take donor hair from body most likely from the chest.

Beard Hair Transplant in Karachi:

In Karachi keeping beard is vastly popular because of masculine integrity and also due to cultural and religious diversions. Beard Hair Transplant in Karachi is growing tremendously and many hair transplant clinics are offering the service to bring a dense growth of masculine facial hair.

The Beard Hair Transplant in Karachi clinics follow the valid and authentic procedure as carried around the world it takes few hours depending on the area of transplant. Beard Hair Transplant is done with both FUT and FUE. Your surgeon will advice you in this regard. The recipient area is transplanted from the donor region that is the back or side of the head. As it is a facial issue therefore your surgeon will select the similar texture of the hair which matches the facial growth. You can have permanent beard transplantation through such procedures and transplanted hair will grow naturally and you can shave them normally in a routine practice.

The Best Beard Hair Transplant in Karachi:

The only thing to take serious while searching for a good Beard Hair Transplant is the right clinic and the right surgeon .Surgeon Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan is one of the most trusted name for Beard Hair Transplant in Karachi as he is running the prestigious Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic in Karachi where he is all equipped to do your Beard Hair Transplant with expert advice .The Authenticity of Dr. Faisal work is undoubted as he possess many post graduation degree in the plastic surgery field and currently serving as the Assistant Professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery at Karachi’s oldest and honorable Dow University of Health Sciences.

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